Army Boots VS Tactical Boots - A Complete Comparison

Army Boots VS Tactical Boots - A Complete Comparison

Who doesn’t desire a stylish yet strong pair of boots that’s worth cherishing!

Boots are all-purpose footwear that can work at any occasion. From flaunting at a party to keeping you steady while hiking, boots match any attire and style. And the best part is that everybody can experience their benefits, irrespective of whether they intend to use them on rough terrains or regular ones.

Talking about rough terrains, have you ever wondered what level of exposure the boots of military force members endure? And did you know that there’s a particular category of boots specifically designed for use by the armed forces?

Popularly classified as army boots and tactical boots, such boots are versatile, flexible, and comfortable, and they’re meant to perform well in a wide range of climate conditions because of their robustness. They make for an alluring method to keep your feet away from all harm, and they’re fit for dealing with pretty much any landscape. And the best part about them is that they’re durable and last for up to 5-10 years with proper care.

Join us as we analyze both kinds of boots individually and compare them on the basis of their benefits, types, and key features.

Army Boots – Benefits, Types, And Features

Army Boots VS Tactical Boots - A Complete Comparison

Army boots are sturdy and robust, but they aren’t made only for enlisted army people. They’re also a fantastic fit for teenagers who crave a gothic appeal. The old myth that army boots are always crafted in black color has been busted by the fashion industry as these shoes have flooded the markets in various colors these days.

Some of the primary benefits of army boots include:

  • High quality materials

Every noteworthy army boot is made with top-notch materials, including a blend of calfskin and nylon, which guarantees rigidity. They’re crafted with special manufacturing procedures to meet extensive usage and withstand damages. As they’re comfortable and look very gothic, styling them with leather jackets is recommended.

  • Protection and safety

Army boots are the perfect choice for hikers as they’re usually worried about their feet while trekking. These are secure footwear designed to protect while traveling through rocks, wilderness, and other rough platforms without tearing.

  • Water-resistant

Army boots are crafted to resist water and are suitable for damp, muddy, and wet terrain. The special lining inside these boots shields them from moisture and also guarantees comfort and breathability. If you’re someone who lives in regions that regularly have wet climates, we’d suggest you get a pair of army boots.

  • Perfect grip

People love to buy boots because they have a good grip and don’t slip. Army boots have excellent traction on different terrains because of their exceptional sole design. Their soles can endure high temperatures and persists longer.

The top 3 types of army boots are:

Basic combat boot – These basic models come only in black color with a leather upper and hard sole. Though they look uncomfortable, they’re much comfier than other tight boots because of their soft insoles. These boots come in various styles and arrangements and are versatile. Specially crafted with durable materials, they protect against rough wear and tear.

Jungle boot – Jungle boots, as their name suggests, were originally made for army men who regularly tread rough jungle terrains, but today, they’ve become available to general forest lovers as well. The toe and heel parts of these shoes are made of leather, and the upper of the boot is usually crafted with mesh. These boots can let your socks and feet quickly dry and also provide moisture if they get wet. Jungle boots come in black and a light tan color that matches well with trench coats.

Tanker boot – Originally crafted for armed forces that drive tanks and work around tankers, these boots offer excellent protection against harsh chemicals. Modern tanker boots are available in more than two colors but are usually adored for their black tint. Fashion-mongers seek these boots for their cool leather straps that grip around the ankle rather than the traditional shoelaces.

Here’s a quick look at the best features of army boots:

  • Superior design

Army boots are designed to resist external damages through their sturdy materials. Some designs come with steel in the toe and heel area, which offers stability and safety. The use of real cow skin instead of artificial leather is the key reason for the resilience and resistance of these boots. The outsole, which is usually made of top-quality rubber, along with adequately placed lugs gives a good grip.

  • Comfy and stylish

Regardless of what purpose you buy army boots for, they’re quite cozy and dynamic. They’re made with delicate cushions and pads that make them comfortable and also shock absorbent. Quite stable in the ankle and very breathable, the waterproof boots also keep you relaxed when you’re prone to wet terrains.

  • Hefty and high-graded

Army boots are heavy, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you’re looking for a pair of boots especially for their rigidity, then this stout footwear is ideal. Their high-grade hardware assures longer durability and also guards your foot at tricky, rough platforms.

Tactical Boots – Benefits, Types, And Features

In addition to being perfect for cops and military people, Tactical boots are also the choice of people who want a multi-purpose boot that can protect their feet on harsh surface while satisfying fashion purposes.

Some of the primary benefits of tactical boots include:

  • Work well with all weathers

Tactical boots stand firm against all sorts of climatic conditions. They’re loved by those who regularly face varying weather conditions, from heavy rains to frost-bite worthy winters and sweaty summers. The weatherproofing capacity may vary from one type of tactical boot to another, but it still works just as great in every variation of these boots.

  •  Offer safety

As their name suggests, tactical boots are quite robust. The steel in the toe area (only available in certain tactical boots) prevents ankle sprains if you’re prone to rough terrains and perilous elements. These boots are ideal to carry you through jungles, mountains, woods, and blizzards without ripping.

  • Crafted for comfort

As tactical boots are meant to be used for an extended period, they’re always made to feel convenient. In addition to protection against rocks, water, and other impacting elements, these boots have brilliant ankle solidity, traction, and ample padding that offers comfort.

  • Durable and versatile

Tactical boots are especially popular since you can wear them every day and for every purpose without impacting their durability. Anyone who wishes to make a bold statement with their fashion sense can sport tactical boots with a bomber jacket or a casual tee. They don’t just make you look tough; they actually are tough.

The top 3 types of tactical boots are:

Standard tactical boot – The most widely known tactical boots are the basic traditional ones, which were initially made for police and soldiers who undergo training sessions. These boots are water-resistant, have sturdy traction, and have soft soles made of leather.

Jump boots – Tactical boots for military purposes are essential for air forces who train to jump from the aircraft. Invented specifically for the US military paratroopers of the Second World War, these boots are today trend in the fashion world for their stability and rigidity. Their advanced gel padding avails smooth landing and comfort for anyone who wears it. They’re stiff, challenging, and sturdy enough to prevent injuries during hikes, mountain climbs, sprints, and even a casual evening stroll.

Weather boots – Based on the location of use, these are classified into jungle boots, desert boots, and winter boots. As their name implies, they can withstand exposure to sand, water, as well as wild rocks at needed times. But these boots also look voguish to style with a jumpsuit or a cargo pants. Their built-in vents and waterproof capability are an add-on.

Here’s a quick look at the best features of tactical boots:

  • High-quality materials

Tactical boots are constructed with premium materials that meet all the requirements of rough and tough use. This is why many people love to buy them, as they’re promising while also being stylish. These boots are made for challenging situations to work against harsh, rough platforms and weather, being ideal for hikers. They don’t usually come in full leather, however, the synthetic nylon and mesh materials used in their construction impart them great breathability.

  • Mechanism of the boot

Tactical boots are available with zips and laces, which don’t come under other army boots. Zipping a boot is a unique scene in many action movies, so consider yourself lucky when you buy these boots, for you’re about to feel confident and comfortable. These mechanisms offer good ankle safety, restrict dust particles from entering inside, and help you evade injuries. The outsoles are mostly water and electricity resistant.

  • Sturdy traction

The built-in gel pads and springs provide a sturdy grip to these boots. The rubber soles guarantee protection against any hard terrain, and these boots are highly resistant to abrasion, sand, and wet ground. Their tread design and flexible rubber soles are quite noteworthy.

Army Boots Vs Tactical Boots – Key Differences

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As you would have gathered from the detailed description of both kinds of boots, there are a lot of similarities between army boots and tactical boots. And it’s only obvious since both types come under the category of combat military boots. But there are specific differences in the design and build that helps distinguish between them, and you should know these differences before making a purchase decision.

In terms of durability

Army boots are built to last longer and stand stable against heavy wear and tear, such as at battlefields where the army forces deal with explosives and fierce combat. In comparison, tactical boots are light, thin, and flexible enough to wear for activities that involve plenty of movement, say at training sessions, hiking, etc.

In terms of design

Speaking of design, tactical boots are thin and come with only one sole, whereas an army boot consists of a midsole, outsole, and a soft insole. Tactical boots are made with sturdy materials, but they’re slightly weak and less durable when compared with army boots.

In terms of terrain

Tactical boots serve well and are good at hard terrains, but army boots are much more substantial. They can resist burns, hard battles, and wreckage. The air force uses both the boots for the jump purposes, but tactical boots are one point below in comparison.

When it comes to all-purpose or a non-combat purpose, both boots pretty much carry the same usage, so the choice really breaks down to your specific habitat and purpose.

Wrapping It Up

Boots are a trend, not just in today’s time, but ever since kings and queens wanted to take a safe stroll. So, checking out something worthwhile is indeed essential.

Both army and tactical boots come in handy in situations that require rough use, but they can be just as confidently worn to match any casual mood or attire. A great pair of either of these boots will last you a good 8-10 years with proper maintenance and cleaning.

We hope the above discussion will help you make an informed buying decision.

FAQs About Army Boots And Tactical Boots

  • What are hot-climate army boots?

A: Hot-climate army boots are lighter than traditional army boots. They have holes that help with draining moisture and ventilation to provide breathability. These boots don’t come with a waterproof coating as they don’t require one.

  • Are army boots essential for combat?

A: Army boots are exclusively crafted for military uses, but they can also be worn by others. But when it comes to choices, they are made with special care to meet specific purposes that aren’t common for every army personnel.

  • Are tactical boots comfortable and suitable to wear for all climates?

A: 100% yes. They’re among the ready-to-combat wear that works perfectly in all climatic conditions. There are types explicitly made for every climate, but overall, even the primary issue works just fine.

  • Are the materials really rigid?

A: The manufacturers won’t risk using faulty materials when they craft boots for the army people. Every reputed brand provides boots made of top-notch quality materials such as leather, profuse nylon, polyurethane, etc. But in case you find a pair that’s way too rigid, maybe they’re fake combat boots.

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