Ariat Women’s FatBaby Work Boots Review for 2022

Work boots are purchased mainly for their comfortable and functional features, but some boots are constructed toAriat Women's Fatbaby Western Boot 2020 make an outfit come together in the most fashionable way. The Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot is designed to provide a striking addition to any getup, with an eye-catching design. However, these boots are not just for aesthetics purposes because they come with the comfortable and durable profile that makes them impressive as performance riding and work boots that are approved for riding and for working in stables – just in a decidedly more fashionable way compared to other plain-looking riding boots.

Design & Materials

The Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot is built with leather uppers and foot sections that offers remarkable durability and comfort.

They come with colorful stitching that will work to instantly level up the fun factor of any outfit, making your entire look more fun regardless of the activity you are doing or where you will be spending the rest of the day.

These boots come in the traditional Western cowgirl style that brings a welcome fashionable element even to the plainest clothes to immediately elevate your look into something much more aesthetically pleasing.

They come with a Duratread outsole and heel that offers maximum stability in different surfaces so you can move naturally without being hindered by the rough flooring or road that you need to walk on while you tackle the challenging tasks on a normal workday.

The footbed of these boots use the proprietary Ariat 4LR technology that provides great support, stability and comfort throughout the day.

Comfort & Fit

These boots are equipped with a pro-crepe outsole that works to provide you with the flexibility you need to be able to walk around and move naturally to increase efficiency on a regular basis, both for leisure and work-related activities.Ariat Women's Fatbaby Western Boot 2020

They have a lightweight structure that makes it much easier to move, whether you are in the stables, on the farm, or in a restaurant after a hard day’s work. This lightweight profile keeps your feet comfortable and protected from the elements all day long while preventing the awkwardness that comes from trying to walk around in a pair of too-heavy, bulky boots.

The footbed offers enhanced support for your feet so you can keep them protected from feeling the discomfort that comes from standing for long stretches of time, or from walking around for the better part of the day while you deal with work or with your favorite past time.

This 4-layered footbed helps maintain a snug and comfortable position for your feet, with generous cushioning to protect your feet from the pain and impact of walking around or staying on your feet for hours at a time.

The pull-on style makes these boots extremely convenient to put on at the start of your day to prevent a rushed situation before heading out, and are just as easy to take off at the end of the day so you can proceed to rest and relax your tired feet.


These Cowgirl boots come with a 1-year warranty.

The Duratread sole is designed to provide remarkable wear resistance that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of using these high-quality boots for women for a long time.

Additional Features

These boots are equipped with a lightweight stabilizing shank that keeps your feet fully supported to promote easier and comfortable movement, allowing you to be more efficient in dealing with the tasks that you need to do without mobility limitations.

Who are these Work Boots for?

These women’s boots are for those who want to make a bold fashion statement using their footwear. The Ariat Women's Fatbaby Western Boot 2020boots come in a classic Cowgirl style with colorful stitching accents that will ensure that your outfit is instantly elevated into something much more interesting to look at with minimal effort involved. They are available in different stitching colors so you can choose the one that best suits your personal preference or mood at any given time.

These are ideal for women who are looking for boots that can take them from the workplace, barn, or stables directly to a lunch or dinner, without the need to change footwear in between. The boots come with superior functionality and comfort features that make them great companions in your workplace, while the lovely details will ensure that they will not look out of place with a dressier outfit in a less rugged environment.

These boots are for women who want to have the additional height of heels without being too rugged or too feminine on this aspect. The 1.5-inch high heel adds a slight elevation to your height while still maintaining a comfortable profile that you can count on for use in the barn or stables.


  • Features a 4-layered footbed that provides generous cushioning to keep feet comfortable throughout the day
  • Fitted with a Duratread outsole that offers enhanced strength and durability you can depend on
  • Designed with colorful stitching that makes it an eye-catching addition to any outfit, for both work and leisure purposes
  • The pull-on style offers complete convenience when taking off and putting on the footwear
  • Comes in a classic Cowgirl style that can instantly make your entire getup more interesting


These are excellent boots for women who want to combine functionality and fashion in their footwear choice. The boots are designed to be used comfortably when you are working in the stables or around the ranch and easily adds a fashionable element to any outfit so you can use them straight from work to a more social setting.

These are premium quality boots that offer maximum flexibility to keep you moving naturally in any environment so you can work more efficiently in the process. The outsole is designed to be flexible and lightweight so you can Ariat Women's Fatbaby Western Boot 2020do the work that needs to be finished without having to deal with a bulky and heavy profile.

These Western-style boots are marvelous for keeping your feet comfortable for long periods. They are equipped with a 4-layered footbed that offers superb cushioning to prevent fatigue from setting into your feet and legs, especially when you have been standing or walking around for the better part of the day. They also offer strong support to help maintain proper feet positioning and stability with long-term use.

About the Company

Ariat has been manufacturing excellent quality boots since 1993. The footwear lines are designed with the goal of producing the most technologically advanced riding boots that will address the needs and preferences of the top equestrian athletes in the world. Ariat has since become the leading name in apparel and performance footwear for topnotch equestrian athletes for their requirements for team penning, show jumping, and more. The Fatbaby name is an Ariat trademark, a term synonymous to a bold aesthetic featured in a comfortable Western-style boot made especially for women who want to have a fashionable footwear choice while being serious with the activities in a workplace or in the outdoors.