Ariat Rambler Western Boots - A Detailed Review

When you want footwear that is functional and stylish at the same time, these boots have a Western flair that adds an interesting touch to your outfits in and out of the work area. 

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Constructed using premium leather that showcases a strikingly distressed appearance, the Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is a fantastic choice that marries top-notch performance and aesthetics. 



Safety Toe



4 lbs
/1.81 kgs



Shaft Size

11 inches






Overall Score

Comfort & Fit
Design & Built Quality
Sole & Traction
Water resistant
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These boots stood out among my other footwear options because of the striking Western-style construction that instantly jazzed up any outfit that I chose to wear. There are components in place within the boot that aimed to provide a comfortable experience, but overall, these materials and parts failed to fully deliver what was expected of them. This is due to the tight fit that easily made the boot-wearing experience an uncomfortable one, especially if long hours of boot use cannot be avoided. If you prefer an even more eye-catching aesthetic to your boot, check out the Ariat Rambler Phoenix Boot that comes with a retro stitch pattern to add a more interesting touch to your getup in and of the work environment. From the same brand, the Ariat Rambler Work Steel Toe Work Boot provides a higher level of protection against workplace hazards with its steel toe construction and a heavy-duty outsole that offers maximum resistance against chemicals and oil that may be found in certain workplace settings. The Durango 12-Inch Rebel Pro Western Boot comes in a fashionable two-toned leather upper and is constructed to bring enhanced comfort for long hours with a memory foam footbed and an expandable portion on the boot opening to accommodate the calf without discomfort. Meanwhile, the Wolverine Stockman DuraShocks CarbonMAX Wellington Work Boot is an excellent choice option that still has the much-loved Western-style stitching even as it works doubly hard to maintain foot safety with a carbon fiber safety toe and waterproof construction. For the ultimate in protection and coverage, the Irish Setter Elk Tracker GORE-TEX 12-Inch Waterproof Boot offers multiple benefits with a GORE-TEX membrane to keep wetness out and Thinsulate insulation to maintain foot warmth in extreme conditions. 

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The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is a great Western-style boot that easily stands out among plain-looking work boots. The premium full-grain leather comes with a distressed aesthetic for that lovingly worn-out look. A cushioned footbed works to deliver much-needed support and flexibility that made it easier to maintain a comfortable experience even with the continuous tasks throughout the day. The pull-on style is aimed at providing increased convenience when putting the boots on; however, the boots are still a bit difficult to put on even with this design. To get to know the Rambler Western Boot even more, we will go into more detail below to see which features are worth mentioning and which can be improved with some tweaks. 

Ideal For

  • People who have thin feet or prefer boots with a snug fit
  • Those who like a Western-style boot with a high shaft design 
  • People who prefer boots with a premium leather material 

Exploring in-depth the Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot


The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is made with unlined leather that is designed to enhance overall comfort by providing flexible use. This flexibility helped make some movements easier to manage because there was nothing to get in the way of my natural moves. I appreciated the cushioned footbed that provided a generously padded base for my foot, hugging it all day long to fight foot fatigue in the face of long hours of continuous work and staying on my feet for the entire day. This footbed is further enhanced with a forefoot cushion that has a shock-absorbing gel, which takes in most of the impact resulting from the repetitive and continuous movements for the better part of the day. This powerful shock absorption made it possible for me to work continuously for hours at a time while successfully fighting foot fatigue even without rest periods in between tasks. An ergonomically designed composite shank offers nonstop stability without contributing a significant amount of weight to the overall boot structure. It is worth knowing, however, that the tight fit of the boot significantly reduced the effect of the components that were put in place to make the boot a comfortable choice. The boots may still be made more comfortable with a longer break-in period, but it is not a suitable option for those who want more spacious footwear choices. 

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Given its considerable 11-inch shaft height, I was expecting the Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot to be as heavy as it actually was. This weight can be an issue when you need to wear the boots for a long time, especially given the tight fit that can contribute to a great deal of discomfort when working on several tasks in and around the job site. However, the weight can also work to your advantage as it increases the overall stability of the boot, especially when you are walking on challenging surfaces that may otherwise be too slippery or uneven for other boots to deal with successfully. 


These boots are equipped with a Duratread outsole that can be depended on to stay strong and durable even in demanding work settings. It comes with a slight spur ridge and a cowboy heel that will be beneficial for riding activities and will also work well to add more stability to your steps when you need to move over uneven ground conditions. The outsole has a flexible profile that allowed me to work in the most efficient way possible without unnecessarily slowing down because I did not need to deal with a stiff and unyielding sole that will otherwise interfere with my movements. Sad to say, the outsole only offers a medium level of traction so it cannot be relied on to keep you safe from slipping or falling when you are walking on wet or slippery surfaces.

Fit and Sizing

These boots are true to size and even with the pull-on design can be quite difficult to put on, especially given their extended shaft height. When I put them on, I immediately felt the tightness at the top part of the instep and also on the heel area. The boots have a less relaxed fit compared or other Western-style boots and some degree of uncomfortable pinching can be experienced when wearing the Rambler boots. I believe these boots will work well for those with thin feet or for people who prefer their Western boots to have a snug fit. Otherwise, the tight structure of the boot can bring considerable discomfort, especially when worn for long stretches of time. 


These are not waterproof boots so cannot be depended on to keep your feet fully dry when you need to go through wet environments. However, the top-quality leather upper can keep the feet protected from occasional splashes of water and other liquids – just be careful not to get the boots soaked in deep puddles or mud so the substances will not have the chance to get into the interior.

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The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is fitted with a moisture-wicking lining that works to disperse any accumulated or leftover moisture inside. This means that your feet can stay dry for the better part of the day so you can concentrate on the tasks that need to be tackled without suffering from sweaty feet issues. This lining also works to allow some air to get into the boot to promote breathability, although the solid leather upper prevents air from flowing generously and continuously throughout the boot. 

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Quality and Durability

The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is built with full-grain leather that has a premium feel and aesthetic, working wonderfully in various work settings as well as for more casual environments where stylishness is a huge plus. The thick outsoles are created to provide long-lasting service without breaking down easily in the face of tough environments indoors and outdoors but lack the traction that is needed to be able to navigate slippery or wet surface conditions with ease. It comes with a square-toe design that should have provided more room for the toe to shift as needed to prevent cramps, but the overall tightness of the boot’s construction negated that extra bit of space on the toe box. The boot features a pull-on design that aims to provide increased convenience, but it was still quite challenging to put on the boot because of the tight construction that resulted in an extremely snug fit. A longer break-in period might be needed to make the fir more comfortable, especially for those who want a bit more room within the boot to enable even a small degree of shifting to combat foot cramps. The boot comes with a high shaft and a Western silhouette with stitching accents on the toe area that make this a fantastic choice when paired with jeans for a casual yet fashionable look. Design-wise, these boots are some of the most stylish Western boots that you can find in the market today. 

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Other Versions

The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is available in the following colors: antiqued gray, wicker, and earth. It comes in several versions that are all made with premium full-grain leather. The Rambler Phoenix Western Boot is made even more striking with retro Western-style stitching to add more interesting touches to your outfit. The Rambler Work Steel Toe Work Boot is a better alternative for tough working conditions with its heavy-duty outsole and a steel toe that provides continuous protection from objects that might accidentally fall on the foot. Meanwhile, the Midtown Rambler Boot is a great choice for those who prefer its shorter 6-inch shaft compared to the Rambler Western Boot’s 11-inch shaft. 

The Challengers

The first challenger is the Ariat Rambler Phoenix Boot, which is a superb choice if you want to take the Western look up a notch. This boot features retro stitching that brings an even more classic Western look, resulting in a striking look that goes well with casual outfits in and out of the work setting. The Rambler Phoenix can be a more comfortable alternative to the first Rambler version because it provides increased cushioning with a composite fiber shank that does not add too much to the overall weight of the boot. This composite shank also offers enhanced support so walking on uneven floors or ground conditions can be done in a confident manner while avoiding slipping or falling accidents in the process. 

The Ariat Rambler Work Steel Toe Work Boot is a better option if you want your boot to be fitted with steel toe caps to keep your foot protected from objects that can accidentally fall or roll from a great height. This tall boot is built with a heavy-duty outsole that delivers strong traction to prevent slipping on various terrains and floor conditions for increased safety in and around the work area. This outsole is also resistant to chemicals and oil so you can count on its long-lasting strength to last as you work through challenging job environments. The boot features the proprietary ATS stability technology that delivers the support needed to be able to move through difficult ground conditions without sacrificing stability.

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The Durango 12-Inch Rebel Pro Western Boot is another eye-catching Western-style boot that brings about a comfortable experience. A special elastic material is hidden under the pull tabs for expansion that results in more spaciousness on the calf area so you can enjoy better comfort and flexibility. An exclusive footbed is enhanced with memory foam that follows the shape of your foot for personalized cushioning comfort that can be enjoyed throughout the day. The breathable mesh lining disperses heat before it can accumulate to extreme warmth inside the foot, enabling you to continue working for long hours without feeling like your feet are being baked inside the boots. The rocker heel helps you maintain all-day stability on various floor conditions while also helping with easier movements to increase your efficiency and agility for different purposes. These boots feature two-tone leather uppers and multi-colored stitching for a striking look that can instantly elevate the aesthetics of even the simplest outfit.  

The Wolverine Stockman DuraShocks CarbonMAX Wellington Work Boot is an excellent choice that combines stylishness with reliable protection against safety hazards. The leather upper showcases multi-colored stitching that enhances the boot’s overall aesthetics, making it a great addition to casual outfits in and out of the work setting. It is built with a waterproof leather upper and a waterproof membrane to guarantee that your feet will not be soaked even when you are staying in a wet or waterlogged location for work or other purposes. The boot uses the proprietary DuraShocks technology that offers a high energy return to keep the foot fully supported as the footbed absorbs most of the impact that comes from the repetitive and continuous movements all day long. The CarbonMAX nanotechnology toe protection keeps the foot safe from grave injuries that can result from items that fall from an elevated location.

The Irish Setter Elk Tracker GORE-TEX 12-Inch Waterproof Boot is rugged enough to be used outdoors even with unpredictable weather but is beneficial in other settings as well. It is constructed with a carbon rubber outsole that features aggressive multidirectional treads to deliver maximum traction in the trickiest terrains and surface conditions so you can confidently move through the tough ground with ease. The GORE-TEX lining ensures long-lasting foot dryness as liquids are prevented from seeping into the boot’s interior while maintaining comfortable breathability as it keeps the air flowing continuously within the boot. The boot is built with 1000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep the foot embraced in a warm cocoon when staying or working in cold environments.

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Men’s Rambler Western Boot is a great choice for a Western-style boot and is made with premium leather for long-term durability. However, the tight structure of the boot makes it difficult to put on and results in a cramped feeling that will bring a great deal of discomfort with long hours of use. With these issues in mind, the boot is unsuitable for people with wide feet and those who prefer a more spacious boot option that can bring a more comfortable experience. 

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