ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boot Review

To ward off the extreme heat from your feet while adding an eye-catching Western touch, the ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot delivers superior ventilation and enhanced features that are not offered by an ordinary cowboy boot. 

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Durable and with strong yet comfortable construction, this composite toe boot is an excellent choice for keeping your feet protected while working in various working conditions.



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The ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is undeniably a head-turner but there is so much more to this boot than its attractive appearance. With such a high structure, it was easy to assume that this boot would feel too warm inside within a short while. It was a nice surprise to discover that this was not the case as the boot came with a proprietary cooling system that worked to maintain a well-ventilated boot interior for long-lasting comfort. The cushioned and supportive structure also contributed to the comfortable experience while wearing this fashionable boot.  If you prefer a boot with an even higher shaft height, the VentTEK Ultra Western Boot from the same brand provides more coverage with a 13-inch shaft while avoiding the extra weight with a lightweight outsole. Check out the ARIAT Men’s Solado VentTEK Western Boot if you want the same high shaft profile as the Ultra Western Boot, this time enhanced with a special lining for permanent odor control. The Intrepid VentTEK Composite Toe Work Boot still has that Western flair but is enhanced with a composite toe feature and a pressure-dissipating technology to increase your efficiency in the workplace. If you are looking for a lower-priced option, the Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Work Boot has that cowboy look you prefer along with a steel safety toe for increased protection. Finally, the Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Cowboy Boot is your best bet if you want an affordable cowboy boot with a striking look but without all the bells and whistles that can jack up the price. 

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The Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is brimming not only with beautiful craftsmanship but also with the technology that aims to deliver long-lasting comfort to keep up with your activities in and out of the job site. The proprietary VenTEK mesh panels work hard to keep the air flowing freely throughout the boot to maintain a cool environment for the foot to enjoy all day long. The exclusive 4LR technology provides a high level of cushioning and support for reliable stability over various work surface conditions. The classic Western look of this boot will be a welcome sight in the area and elsewhere and can immediately jazz up your outfit without the extra effort involved. Below, we will take a closer look at the details that make this boot stand out among its competitors, and we will also see what features can be improved for increased performance. 

Ideal For

  • Working in warm climates or environments.
  • Those who need work boots that do not have safety toe caps.
  • Working in dry conditions where there is no exposure to water and other liquid sources. 

Going In-Depth with the ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot

The Details


The Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is quite comfortable considering its tall structure and the full-grain leather material that is used on the upper. I expected these boots to be much more uncomfortable to use, but I was impressed at how the technology in place worked doubly hard to maintain a relatively cool boot interior. The upper material is enhanced with mesh panels that kept the air flowing freely throughout the boot so any built-up warmth was quickly dispersed before it can cause serious overheating inside the boot. The 4LR technology keeps several components working together to increase functionality without compromising the high level of comfort that this boot can provide. The open-celled insole cradles the foot in a cushioned embrace while maintaining a breathable structure. This kept my foot comfortable for hours as the padding provided protection from the stiff outsole construction while keeping extreme warmth prevented even with the long hours of boot use. The insole also absorbed most of the impact that came from walking and moving around for hours and provided the rebound that I needed to be able to return the energy so that I was able to continue working in an efficient manner without sacrificing my agility in the process. The shank provided reliable underfoot support that made it easier for me to traverse uneven ground conditions in a confident manner without accidentally slipping or falling. The mesh lining contributed to the maintenance of a cool boot interior by offering continuous ventilation and wicking moisture away from the skin. 

ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boots v11


These boots run on the lighter side of scale considering their extended shaft height. The absence of toe protection contributed to the overall weight reduction, but credit must also be given to the components that managed to maintain a lightweight structure while working hard to deliver the required support and comfort enhancements. The ventilated mesh panels and mesh lining come with low-profile structures so they will not add significant weight to the boot while doing their individual cooling duties. On the other hand, the shank is also created to be lightweight so it will not be the source of additional weight for the boot. 


The Duratread outsole offers outstanding wear resistance so you can be sure that it will easily take on the challenges of your job and other activities you want to enjoy with the boots. This outsole is said to be oil and slip-resistant, but I encountered some difficulties in this regard while using the boots. This may be because the outsole is relatively flat and does not have prominent treads that should have provided strong traction to prevent slipping on various surface conditions. This level of traction makes the boot unsuitable for demanding work environments where the surfaces can be more difficult to navigate. The outsole is fairly flexible and allowed me to move freely without being restricted for superior efficiency in and out of the work area. 

ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boots v8

Fit and Sizing

The Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot comes with a relaxed fit provided generous space inside the boot. I believe I could downsize from my regular size 10 to a size 9 and the boot will still feel comfortable to use. This fit can be a huge advantage for those who want more room for their feet to breathe and their toes to shift when needed but can feel quite unstable for those who are used to snug-fitting footwear. Without laces to use for adjustments, it can be tricky to get to the perfect fit. 

ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boots v10


This is not a waterproof boot so it does not offer protection against water and other liquids that can easily seep inside. Without this safety feature in place, this boot is not a suitable choice for working in wet environments or in waterlogged areas because it will not protect the foot from being soaked in these conditions. 


The mesh panels on the upper work to keep a breathable boot interior so that heat will not easily build up even when the boot is used continuously for long hours. This means that even with the extended shaft, this boot will remain comfortable for the entire day because the inside does not overheat. Even the padded insoles are made with a breathable material that delivers superior cushioning while cradling the feet with a surface that fights heat accumulation. 

Quality and Durability

The premium full-grain leather material guarantees long-lasting strength and durability that can be relied on for work and other purposes without succumbing to premature breakdown. The upper has a two-row stitch pattern that is enhanced with contrasting color details to accentuate the Western detailing even further. This boot is built with a Duratread outsole that offers maximum resistance to the usual wear and tear that can be expected in the workplace and elsewhere, so you can take full advantage of this boot component for a long period of time. The comfort insole provides continuous impact absorption to prevent foot fatigue from setting in while resisting quality decline even with heavy usage. Without toe protection to keep the foot protected from compression and impact threats, this boot is not suitable for use in hazardous work settings. This boot is also not waterproof, so it is not ideal for wet surroundings and for working outdoors in extreme weather conditions. The highly ventilated structure of the boot works wonderfully in warm climates and hot working conditions but will not be recommended for working in cold surroundings. 

ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boots v13

Other Versions

The Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is available in the following colorways: dark brown and bar top brown. There are no other versions of this boot model, but there are other noteworthy boots that are part of the brand’s VentTEK line including the Hybrid VentTEK Western Boot, Roughstock VentTEK Western Boot, VentTEK Ultra Western Boot, Solado VentTEK Western Boot, and Intrepid VentTEK Composite Toe Work Boot. 

The Challengers

The first great alternative to the Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot comes from the same collection – the VentTEK Ultra Western Boot. It has a higher 13-inch shaft that provides increased coverage and protection but manages to avoid being extremely heavy with a lightweight yet durable Bantam outsole. This boot features the same wide square toe shape and mesh panels that are integrated into the upper to allow air to move throughout the boot for overheating prevention. This a great alternative if you prefer a Western work boot with a higher shaft but do not want it to be too heavy. 

The Ariat Men’s Solado VentTEK Western Boot is another 13-inch boot that offers additional coverage that can bring benefits while you are at work or for style purposes. It uses an exclusive technology that works to deliver increased comfort and stability to allow you to walk on uneven surface conditions without compromising your steady footing. What makes this choice a standout is the pure silver layer that works as a permanent odor fighting agent to guarantee that the boot will remain fresh-smelling for as long as you use it. 

ARIAT Men’s Sport Cool Western Boots v14

The Ariat Men’s Intrepid VentTEK Composite Toe Work Boot is a fantastic choice if you want a work boot that exudes that Western flair with enhanced protection against impact and compression sources. The composite safety toe protects the foot from being seriously injured when something blunt or heavy falls on it. The entire foot area is made with full-grain leather superior protection and durability, while an external heel protected keeps this crucial area safe from abrasions and premature damage. This boot features the proprietary U-turn entry system that makes it much easier to pull on the boots for the ultimate convenience. 

Check out the Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Steel Toe Work Boot featuring a striking Western style that can instantly enhance your outfit while also working hard to deliver superb functionality in the workplace. This boot comes with a flexible comfort system to make walking effortless without stiff components getting in the way of your natural movements. A steel shank offers strong support and stability so you can safely navigate challenging terrains. The steel toe protection keeps the foot safe from objects that may suddenly fall from a high area. With the price coming in at less than $130, this is a more reasonably priced option to the previously discussed Ariat VenTEK boots.

The Roper Men’s Basic Square Toe Cowboy Boot offers is a great value choice if you want a Western-style boot but do not need the protective features that the other boots have. This boot allows you to flaunt your stylishness with a faux ostrich leather material that is topped with Western-styled stitching for a stunning contrast. The insole is padded to provide the cushioning needed to prevent discomfort even with hours of boot-wearing. Priced at just below the $90 mark, this boot will let you enjoy the Western look on your footwear without breaking the bank. 

Conclusion & Verdict

The Ariat Men’s Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is a pretty good choice if you are looking for a work boot with an original Western flair. This boot is designed to keep a fashionable presence while offering superior functionality on the job site. The ventilated mesh panels maintain a breathable boot interior that will be a significant advantage when working in warm climates. However, this ventilated structure is not recommended for use in cold weather conditions since the foot will not be protected from the extreme cold. It should also be noted that without waterproofing and toe protection, the Sport Cool VentTEK Western Boot is not suitable for hazardous work environments. 

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