Ariat Groundbreaker Work Boots Review

When your work involves safety hazards, the best investment you could make is in a pair of safety shoes that not Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Bootsonly protects you from these dangers but also takes care of your feet’s health so that you feel relaxed and focused at work; and in the long run, your feet stay protected. The Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe work boots, coming from the house of Ariat, a renowned equestrian footwear manufacturer, ensures utmost safety along with the bonuses of coziness, style and durability so that you don’t have to worry about feet damage at work anymore.

With a tall shaft, a square safety toe, and four layers of cushioning comfort and shock absorption, the Ariat Groundbreaker shoes have been crafted with equal weight on safety and comfort. The boots are also flexible so as to help you meet the athletic demands of your job; if you have to work outdoors for long, these are the best safety boots for you.


The uppers are made of high-quality full-grain leather while the insoles have four layers of various materials to offer excellent cushioning comfort and support. Soft mesh lines the inners of the boots to wick moisture and keep your feet protected from abrasion. The outsole is made of sturdy Duratread rubber for traction support. The boots have a soft composite toe to protect your feet from impact injuries.


The Ariat brand is known for its equestrian boots that are perfect as riding boots and great to use outdoors. Accordingly, the design has a high shaft measuring 10 inches high heels, a strong cement construction and sturdy outsoles to keep your gait steady even when walking over slippery outdoor surfaces. The boots have four layers of insole support that offers padding, shock absorption, improved balance, and comfort. The boots feature a 90-degree heel that boosts your grip on the ground and helps when you have to undertake work like climbing. With a Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Bootsstrong two-row stitch pattern that binds your seams and a sturdy cement construction that promotes durability of the shoes and utmost endurance even when you expose it to harsh conditions, these boots are built to last. Pull straps have been provided to make it easy for users to wear and take off the boots. The outsole has a customized tread pattern that boosts your grip on the ground and a lightweight shank that supports your balance.


The boots have a cozy feel with their insulated design, mesh lining that keeps your feet dry and the four-layered footbed. The footbed is designed such that it cushions your feet when you walk, and at the same time, offers shock absorption, improved balance, and excellent arch support. The waterproof design prevents water from seeping in and dampening your feet. This combination of features keep you relaxed even when you have to wear these boots throughout the day. The extra-wide square toe design gives you additional space for toe movement and keeps you protected.


Two rows of stitches line the shoes to bind the materials firmly; apart from this, the Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe work boots have a cemented construction that further upholds the build of these boots. Only premium leather and superior rubber have been used in the construction of the boots; these work boots have been designed to last for long, even when you subject them to the severity of the outdoors.

Safety Features

The Ariat Groundbreaker work boots offer a host of safety features including a tough Duratread outsole that is resistant to oil and water – so you don’t have to worry about slipping even when you walk over oily or wet surfaces. Further, the sole has a custom-made tread pattern that enhances your grip. A soft wide square toe protects your feet from impact injuries and has additional space for your toe movement. The boots have heels that are higher than other such boots to help you with traction and activities that require more flexibility like climbing. The soft toe meets safety standards ASTM class 75 for impact and compression while the boots also offer protection from electrical hazards with compliance of ASTM F2413-05 EH standards.Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boots

Additional Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the Ariat Groundbreakers have a lightweight shank that helps you keep your balance and pull straps that help you wear the boots easily. The boots are designed like riding boots with embossed patterns that make them look stylish and graceful. The premium leather uppers and rubber outsoles, along with the high shaft make the boots waterproof and extremely protective.

Who are these boots for?

Designed as equestrian boots, these safety shoes are perfect for men in farms and ranches; they are also ideal if you are employed in construction, fishing, mining, factory, or warehouse related occupations.


  • High shaft – protects ankles and feet from external factors, perfect for riders
  • Waterproof leather upper – keeps moisture away, prevents oil and chemicals from seeping in and damaging your feet
  • 4LR footbed – four layers of comfortable cushioning, shock absorption and arch support
  • Duratread outsole – keeps you protected from slips and falls even over oily or wet surfaces
  • Traction lugs in outsole – offers a perfect grip over rugged outdoor surfaces
  • Higher than normal heel – the boots are designed with high heels to improve traction and help with activities like climbing
  • Mesh lining – keeps your feet moisture-free
  • Cement construction – Binds the uppers with the soles firmly and keeps the boots durable
  • Soft toe – protects feet from impact injuries while at the same time, keeping the boots lighter in weight than steel toe safety boots
  • Two-row stitches – Dual layer of strong stitches for durability
  • Pull straps – makes it easy to pull on the boots
  • Wide toe box – offers additional space for toe movement and feet flexibility
  • Stylish looks – crafted for riders, the boots have a distinct Western look that sets them apart


With their high-top style that is favored by riders, waterproof sturdy uppers, and traction outsoles that offer an Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Bootsexcellent grip on outdoor surfaces, these are the essential boots you’re looking for if your job takes you outdoors all the time. Don’t worry about the comfort factor – the boots have four layers of cushioning to keep your relaxed.

About the brand

Ariat is proud to be known as “The New Breed of Boot”; the brand was the first to craft boots for equestrian athletes with athletic technology. This meant a lot more flexibility that the existing equestrian boots and the freedom to perform better. Soon Ariat’s boots, with their innovative technology and high emphasis on quality, came to be used by athletes and workers who spend most of their time outdoors.