Advantages of Side Zipper Boots

Advantages Of Side Zipper Boots - A Detailed Guide

Advantages Of Side Zipper Boots - A Detailed Guide

A pair of good shoes can take you to incredible places, but premium-quality work boots can always guarantee your foot’s safety, convenience, and comfort while getting there. Consider this piece of advice the next time you shop for a work boot.

When we think of boots, we think of sophisticated footwear that’s versatile but quite tough to wear, considering that it can go all the way to one’s knees. This wouldn’t be a problem for people with smaller feet and slimmer legs, but what about those on the heavier side? Does that mean that they shouldn’t wear boots at all? Thankfully, we have boots that come with convenient side zippers. These zippers extend the boot opening, allowing the wearer to get his foot, ankle, and leg in conveniently.

We call these shoes as side zipper boots, and they’re practical, versatile, and stylish boots that compliment a wide array of outfits. They also come in various materials and designs and can be used on different occasions. But what made this type of boots so popular? Where did it originate, and when did people start loving this pair of boots? Let’s find out the answer as we also highlight its advantages.

When Were Side Zipper Boots Invented?

Zips were invented in 1851 by Elias Howe. Though the invention of the zip enhanced footwear and clothing significantly, it went through many experiments before they were applied on boots. It wasn’t clear when the zips started to be used in footwear either. What’s clear is that as early as 1923, the word ‘zipper’ was introduced, and the zip made more regular appearances in men’s boots.

The zipper made men’s boots more practical as it hastened the traditional fastening method. Aside from that, the attachment of the zippers made the shoes more appealing. Fast forward to the recent time; these zippers also became even more popular as dress boots and with the introduction of required safety upgrades.

Who Needs Side Zip Boots The Most?

Advantages Of Side Zipper Boots - A Detailed Guide

While there are plenty of high-fashion boots that come with side zips, the one that needs it the most are people who use and wear these boots every day as they work in hazardous environments. Unlike those who wear boots for fashion, employees in dangerous workplaces wear safety boots out of necessity and not on sheer whim. Since they’re exposed to such risks as getting their foot punctured, run over by heavy equipment, or walking on oily and slippery surfaces, they need a special kind of footwear to protect them and make them work with ease.

They also need to be on their work boots whenever they’re on-site and not only when it’s convenient for them. And since they’re working for 8 hours or more per shift, they also have to wear their work boot until their shift ends. So, because they depend so much on the promise of safety of their work boots, they are also the ones who need it the most.


Let’s get to know the side zipper boots by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the topic.

How can side zip boots help workers safe?

The employer is obliged to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. In line with this, they are tasked to provide their employees with the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize work environment-related risks. For example, employees working in a construction site need safety helmets, eye protection, highly visible clothes, and safety footwear as PPEs.

It’s also the employer’s role to seek the best-quality PPEs. In doing so, they protect their employees from injuries. In case an injury couldn’t be prevented, the provided PPEs are meant to lessen the severity of the damage. As one of the necessary PPEs, work boots are incredibly beneficial to both the employer and employees. Side-zip boots are often preferred because they make getting into the shoes more comfortable.

However, the side-zippers are not replacements for the shoelaces. Instead, they serve as supplements. The shoelaces are meant to provide comfort and tension for one’s ankle and foot. These laces also need to be tightened to keep the pressure. If they’re worn out, they need to be replaced. By keeping the side zip, eyelets, and shoelaces in good condition, you keep the safety of your feet even in the most hazardous workplaces.

If you’re wearing work boots for the first time, try putting on a pair of work boots with side zips. Simply wear it like how you would wear a typical work boot. Tighten the laces until your ankle and foot feel a comfortable level of tension. To take off your shoes, leave your laces as is and simply zip down the zipper. The good is when you’ll be wearing it the next time, you don’t need to tamper with your laces.

What are the benefits and advantages that the wearer can enjoy from wearing a side zipper work boot?

The side zipper of a safety work boot is meant to make putting on and taking off easier than lace-up boots. This footwear was initially created for law enforcement and military personnel to enable them to be combat-ready in the fastest time possible. Employees working in hazardous workplaces wearing these shoes have an easier time taking off their work boots to escape hazards, accidents, and emergencies.

For example, an employee has to take off his shoes to keep himself from drowning; he can do so right away. When on a break, the wearer can also take his shoes off and let his feet rest easily. You see, the feet need to rest to eliminate the risk of contracting foot disease.

Another advantage is when you go home and you need to take off your shoes before you enter the house, you’ll also have an easier time taking a side zipper boot off. After an exhausting day at work, taking your shoes off should be the least of your concerns. With lace-up boots, you’ll spend more time and effort in untying your laces to get the shoe off. All you have to do with side zippered ones is pull the zipper down and take the boot off. You’ll have more time to rest as you save effort in removing your shoes.

The best safety boots are those with front laces and side zippers. With this kind of footwear, wearing and taking off is as easy as tightening the shoes to achieve the most comfortable foot tension level. This means you can easily adjust the tightness of your work boots. When your work boot feels comfy, you can significantly improve your productivity.

What are the differences between side zippered boots and non-zippered boots?

Aside from the evident difference in how they look, there are differences in capabilities and features between side zippered and non-zippered boots. First and foremost, the former is easier and faster to wear and take off since you won’t be tying and untying the laces. Most users prefer zippered boots for this huge benefit. Aside from that, it would save you time and effort from tightening and loosening your boots every time you walk out the door. On a sweaty day at work, you might find your skin itchy and wet. A boot with a side zipper can easily allow your skin to breathe by taking off the boots. You’ll have a hard time doing this with non-zippered boots.

On the other hand, first responders and veterans who served in the military prefer the non-zippered variant because the zippered type is not allowed in the U.S. Armed Forces. But aside from the prohibition, they mentioned that the zippers are just a weakness as they can break or fail while they’re in a combat position. They often use fully-laced and insulated boots that keep water, heat, and moisture from causing inconvenience.

What are the differences between laced-up and side zippered boots?

Compared to side zipped boots, lace-up boots allow you to control your boot’s tightness, especially on the part near your ankle. This is especially useful for people with small ankles. The boots’ opening can be customized to fit their ankle perfectly, allowing a comfortable tension level. For people who prefer laced-up boots, they argue that this variant has laces that rarely get stuck. And if the laces get damaged, you can easily take them off and have them replaced.

In terms of disadvantages, fully laced up boots are tough to tie in knots. When you’re done with your extra long shift, you may be in a hurry to take off your work boots and relax. But relaxing wouldn’t come as easy as you think since you still need to untie your laces. And as you take your shoe off, the laces can form knots that might be hard to untangle. On top of that, since you can’t pull the fabric down, you’ll have less room for your feet to enter.

As far as side zip boots are concerned, many prefer this boot type because of its convenience and ease of use. Besides that, since it comes with a zipper, you can pull the zipper down to give your foot more room as it positions itself inside the shoe. There is also a bigger room on the boot’s topmost part with fully zippered boots, so your feet won’t feel suffocated.

However, unlike laced up boots, zippered boots might have zippers that get stuck. Unlike laced-up boots, when the zippers become defective, you can’t just buy one and replace it. You need to remove the zipper and have an expert sew it back in place. Without the laces to tighten the boots, it might open up and malfunction while you’re patrolling.

What is the best choice when it comes to safety work boots — zippered or unzippered?

Based on the discussion above, the best choice would be side zippered boots with eyelets for shoelaces. This combination is perfect for those working in hazardous work environments and those who spend more time outdoors. The zipper can be zipped up and down, making the wearing and taking off more straightforward and convenient. On the other hand, the shoelaces threading from one eyelet to another make the boot fit perfectly on the wearer’s foot, ankle, and leg.

Since the topmost portion of the work boot is fully closed, debris, water, moisture, and other foreign objects won’t enter and cause inconvenience to the wearer. In essence, it keeps the feet fully protected by sealing off all entry points of things that can potentially harm one’s foot. Plus, with shoelaces on, you can quickly tighten the shoe after your feet have entered and positioned themselves.

You can still relax during breaks since the zipper will allow you to open the sides easily. When you’re done relaxing and need to come back to work, you can just slide the zippers up. As soon as your shift is done, you can also quickly take it off by merely lowering the zippers. The next time you wear it, you don’t need to work with the shoelaces separately. Simply pull down the zippers and wear your boots. You only need to untangle the laces if you need to tighten the shoes around your leg.

The Takeaway

When choosing the best work boot for work, you need to picture your workplace scenario and list such a working environment’s demands. You need to be transparent and honest with your safety and convenience to make sure that you’ll only buy the work boots that can compliment and satisfy these needs.

However, regardless of your safety needs, it’s without question that a combination of side zippered and laced up boots could significantly offer convenience, safety, and comfort. While the zippers allow a better, bigger opening for your feet, the shoelaces ensure that everything below it is protected.

If you haven’t tried wearing this type of work boots, consider it the next time you shop for one. Wear it and experience for yourself the benefits and convenience it can offer as you keep yourself safe in your workplace.

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