Myworkwear.org is a work wear resource, primarily (but not exclusively!) aimed at outdoor, service and technician professions, as well as hobbyists who are not afraid to get their hands dirty – from passionate gardeners to self-taught DIYers!  

Our expert team aims to provide original unbiased and impartial work wear, and PPE reviews, news and tips. 

To achieve our aim we follow a specific process: 

  • We spend hundreds of hours researching work wear
  • We select, buy, wear and test, work wear based on our research
  •  We record and analyze the results of our testing, and we meticulously rank and rate top-notch products, using a proprietary rating system, which focuses on the key performance aspects and features of each product category 
  • We write our guides and reviews

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We never accept payments or free products from manufacturers. This ensures that we maintain our editorial independence and accuracy – which is the core of our ethos.   


Our mission is to help you choose high-quality work wear and be comfortable and safe in your workplace! 

To achieve that we research and test a wide array of work wear from safety boots to coveralls.  Based on our extensive research, we have created in-depth guides, lists of tips of work wear and PPE. 

our dedicated


John Perks

Researcher and Editor
John worked in the construction industry for twelve years where he developed an interest in personal protective equipment and had the chance to use a wide range of PPE and safety work boots! Outside work he plays basketball and soccer and loves DIYing!

George Evans

Chief Editor
George has fifteen years of experience in the work wear industry and has worked for a wide range of retailers in the North East. Over the years, he has used and tested hundreds of work boots and work shoes and jackets, and doesn't cut corners when he reviews work wear products. Outside work, George loves gardening and of course DIYing!

Helen Mayers

Senior Editor
Helen has worked in product development within the workwear manufacturing industry, and thus knows really well the features and qualities of top-notch work wear. She researches, tests and writes about all types of work boots and shoes. She is an avid gardener and a DIYer in the making!

Nathan Collins

Researcher and Editor
Nathan is a builder by trade who has spent the last nine years writing about work wear and safety at work. He has tested a wide range of PPE from metatarsal boots to tactical jackets. Not surprisingly, he is into DIYing!