Rhino 60s21 Work Boots – Complete Review for 2022

Are you someone who has to work in a hazardous work environment and need to wear safety gear in order to Rhino 60S21 Work Boots Review 2020protect yourself from various dangers? Does your job entail risks of physical impacts, falls or electrical shocks? Do you have to be extra cautious at work since you are surrounded by sharp and heavy machinery most of the time? Then the 60s21 work boots from Rhino will be a great choice for you. With these boots on, you can go to work without any kind of worry or risk.


The Rhino 60s21 work boots are designed in an excellent and sophisticated way which makes the pair visually appealing. The boots come in a rich black color and the lacing is done in a traditional manner. The lacework also comes in a matching color to give it an elegant finish. These are robust work boots which add a touch of class and style to your overall appearance.

The brand name of Rhino is imprinted in bright yellow in the sides of the boots as well as on top of the lacework. The shiny black color of the boots looks gorgeous and enhances the appearance of the set a lot. It is offered in various sizes from 5 to 13 so that you can choose a pair that fits your feet well. Do not buy a size bigger or smaller in the hope of breaking in the boots faster. The exact size will be the most comfortable and durable for you in the long run.

These boots have a thick and sturdy heel as well as a strong platform. The shaft is 6 inches from the arch and it is easy for you to put the shoes on. The padded collar and tongue enhance the style as well as your convenience to walk around in these boots.

Comfort and Materials

Made of high-quality leather and consisting of leather upper, these boots are very strong and robust in quality. The sole is made of rubber and has a textured feel which helps you to walk properly. The natural rubber Rhino 60S21 Work Boots Review 2020construction makes the boots sturdy without compromising on the flexibility.

The padded collar and the tongue of the boots give you an extra layer of comfort and putting the boots on becomes much more convenient. These boots have a soft and lined inside which wicks away sweat and moisture from your feet, keeping them dry and comforted. The adequate ventilation of these boots protects your feet from getting soggy, sweaty or infected.

The outer rubber sole is also abrasion resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant. Due to ideal texturing and anti-slip properties, these outsoles enable you to walk with good traction. You can tread on any surface or even climb without any worry.

There is a reinforced steel toe which offers you protection against impacts or compression injuries. When you are surrounded by heavy or sharp equipment, your feet are always in the risk of taking a hit and getting injured gravely. But the steel toe guards your feet against such dangers.

The boots are equipped with means to protect you against electrical shocks and hazards. They are compliant with the industry regulated standard of ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 so you can expect protection from incidental shocks in dry conditions.


These boots come with superior durability and excellent reliability due to the superior quality of materials used in the construction of the boots. All the parts as well as the detailing like the stitching are quality-checked and are done with care for improved longevity.

When you get these boots for the first time, do not wear them to work right away. Being steel toe leather boots, they are going to leave blisters and sore spots all over your feet if you do not break them in properly. However, do not use heat or water in an attempt to soften the new boots. Also, do not put any sharp or heavy objects into the boots to loosen them. These steps might seem to be effective in the short term but they damage the material from within ruining the structural integrity of the boots.

Always set aside one or two weeks to break in the new boots at home. Wear them for a couple of hours every day Rhino 60S21 Work Boots Review 2020and this will make the leather stretch gradually to fit the shape and size of your feet properly. The boots will also require a certain amount of upkeep from you in order to stay good for a long time.

Use a cleaning gel and a soft cloth rag to remove the accumulated dirt and grime. Then rinse the boots thoroughly with plain water to remove residual soap and allow the boots to dry completely. After that you can apply conditioning cream and finish off with the waterproofing layer. With proper care from your end, these boots will stay in perfect condition for a long time.


This pair of boots come with ideal protection and comfort features. If you are someone with a job in the construction industry or if you work in some other hazardous job profile then wearing these boots will give you good protection and safety.

The steel toe is strong and robust and it protects your feet against compression and physical impacts. When you are around heavy or sharp instruments, there is a risk of you suffering cuts or accidentals injuries from the machinery. The steel toe stands guard against such hazards.

These boots have breathable fabric and keep your feet dry and comfortable even when the weather is hot and humid. The insole is soft and thick, giving a cushiony footbed to your feet. The insole absorbs the shocks and prevents fatigue even after prolonged exposure throughout the day.

These boots come with industry recommended standards and can protect you from electrical shocks or incidental injuries from electrical equipment too.

Additional Features

This pair of boots comes with reinforced construction and the rubber outsole is textured and slip-resistant to help you to walk on different types of surfaces. Due to good grip and traction you can climb wearing these boots.

The padded collar, tongue as well as the soft insoles are very comfortable and keep your feet covered and protected from environmental problems.

These boots are not waterproof but with waterproofing spray, these boots will be water-resistant to some extent. The boots are compliant to ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 standards and can protect you from incidental shocks caused due to exposure to electricity.


  • Aesthetic and beautiful appearance
  • Leather and rubber construction
  • Traditional lace design
  • Steel toe for protection
  • Protection against electrical hazards


There are various brands in the market which manufacture work boots for people who work in the industries with risky environmental conditions. Rhino is one of the best brands currently which manufactures high-quality work boots which combine quality, appearance, comfort, protection and durability for the user. If you are someone who works in a job that entails physical or electrical hazards then selecting these boots for yourself will be a great decision.

About Rhino

Rhino Footwear or the brand Rhino the Tough One was founded in June 1982. It is one of the main brands of Tikal Distributing Corporation. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida and it is a wonderful brand that manufacturesRhino 60S21 Work Boots Review 2020 high-quality boots and shoes for the use of people employed in the hazardous industries. In the following decades of its growth, the company has seen many social and economic changes. The brand has stayed true to its core values and has always tried to imbibe the current trends and technologies into their products.

Currently, the brand Rhino is synonymous with affordable and durable work boots which enable the users to work in ultimate comfort without risking or compromising their safety in any way. Though to provide protection and comfort are the main priorities of the brand, they also try to design the boots in a manner that is aesthetically appealing and suits the current fashion trends.

At Rhino, the employees are hard-working and passionate. Their commitment is to deliver to the user, work boots that are equipped with comfort, quality, performance, safety and durability within a very affordable range. There are various designs and technologies used in the different types of boots they produce. So, you can expect boots that guard against fire hazards, electrical hazards, environmental hazards, etc. from this brand. Regardless of what field you are employed in you can always expect a good pair of boots from Rhino.

As a user you can select these boots for your personal use or as a gift item for someone you care about. The customer service team is a friendly one and they will help you out with any queries or doubts that you may have. With good care and maintenance from your end, the Rhino branded boots are going to give you superior reliability as well as durability.