5 Ways to Break in New Work Boots – Guide for 2022

When you buy a pair of new work boots it is very uncomfortable to go to work wearing those. The boots are too 5 Ways to Break in New Work Boots in 2020tight and they almost bite into your flesh, giving a great deal of pain and ache to your feet. There will be sore spots and blisters all over your feet if you go to work wearing a pair of new work boots. However, there are ways to break in your new pair of work boots before you actually wear them to work. This will ensure that you get a comfortable and smooth experience.

Tips to Break in your New Work Boots

A pair of high-quality work boots cost quite a lot and you would not want to shell out more cash to make them suitable for daily use. So, you will find out only inexpensive and simple methods highlighted below which will ease you into your new boots.

  1. Buy boots that are an exact fit

The most important bit to do on your part is to try out multiple pairs at the shoe store and buy a pair of comfortable boots that are a perfect fit for you. Some people buy a size smaller, hoping to stretch them out gradually and effectively making them last longer. But this is a big mistake and will lead you to endure months of painful hours in the boots and the pair will not last any longer as well.

Some people buy their boots in a size slightly bigger so that the leather does not clutch so tightly around the toes and the heels. This may seem to be a great idea to soften the bites but in the long run, the ill fittings will give your feet more discomfort than comfort.

Select the exact size for yourself and make sure the brand designs their boots in the manner that suits the shape of 5 Ways to Break in New Work Boots in 2020your feet.

  1. Wear them at home

Always begin to wear your new pair of work boots at home. If you wear them to work, the pain might get unbearable and can even affect your productivity at work negatively. And, if your job needs you to be on your toes for a longer proportion of the day then you should certainly practice walking around in your boots at home before you wear them to work. Wear the boots for a couple of hours every day and do this for at least one week to soften the bite of the new shoes and to make them grow onto your feet.

  1. Use Leather Conditioner

You can use some good quality leather conditioner to soften out the new and hard leather. Do not apply too much of it as it can make your new boots greasy. Use just a little bit before you wear them at home. This will help the leather boots to stretch around your feet and improve the fit.

  1. Install an insole

You may hate to remove the insole of your new boots but sometimes the insole quality of a new pair may not be spongy enough to cushion your feet adequately. If you hate to take them out, just get a new pair of thick and comfy insoles and install them over the existing soles. Adding a layer of insole on the footbed of the boots will buffer the effects of the blows and bumps better and you will feel much more comfortable wearing the new boots.

Try to get a pair of insoles of high quality made of memory foam or EVA material for the best results. These serve better than the standard polyurethane insoles that are commonly available. If you have supination or pronation of feet, then it is mandatory for you to install an extra layer of insole while breaking in your new work boots.

  1. Wear them more and pamper your feet

Wear your new pair of boots as often as you can. Do not let the pain make you shun the boots. The more time you allow the boot to remain around your feet, the better it will adapt to the shape of your feet. When you begin to wear them to work, try to wear the boots on alternate days.

When you are home, pamper your feet with a nice warm bath or with a pedicure. This will relieve the pain in your feet and before long, you will be in love with your new pair of boots.

Tips to strictly avoid

There are some popular tips available from all around regarding breaking in of new boots. However, some of these tips offer only short-term benefits. In the long run, following these tips might ruin your shoes completely. Do not try out the following tips to break in your new boots as they can damage your expensive shoes completely.

  1. Do not use water

You might find people soaking their new boots in warm water to stretch out and soften the new leather. However, even though leather is naturally water-resistant, exposing it to warm water can weaken the structural integrity of leather, thus reducing the longevity of the boots. It can actually start rotting process in the leather and cause the material to break down and fall apart eventually.

  1. Do not poke the boots or put heavy objects inside

Some people poke their new boots with a thick stick or insert a big and heavy object inside to loosen up the sides. However, this method of stretching and softening the leather is not ideal as it can damage some of the stronger points of the leather and reduce the overall durability of the boots. Your feet should be the only thing going into the boots as you need the new boots to stretch out to fit your feet properly.

  1. Do not use heat

If you apply heat to your leather boots, they will surely soften up and feel more comfortable. But this happens at a cost. The boots will lose their strength and durability. In the long run, your boots will harden and crack faster.

Just follow the five simple tips mentioned before and allow some time to your new boots. You should be ready to flaunt the pair of boots to work soon enough.