It’s 8 AM. You’re about to start another backbreaking workday with your weighty steel toe boots.  Guess what? The mercury’s already risen to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.  The last thing you want is to start you work day in sweaty, damp socks.  The problem is most socks are made of cotton which actually holds in moisture.  At the end of the day you’ll end up with clammy, wrinkled wet feet. I bet you’re wincing just thinking about it.

But it’s a good thing you know about specialized moisture wicking materials like acrylic and some forms of polyester that are available socks for work boots.  Your feet will stay dry all day – no matter hard you’re working.

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A good sock for work boots not only wicks moisture, but it should be fairly high and thick giving padded cushion against the rough interior of your boot.  Make sense?

One last point to mention: Socks for work boots aren’t created equally.  They can be intended for steel toe, hot and cold weather, or hard and soft surfaces so make sure you buy the correct socks.  As I mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t want to wear a cotton sock if you’re working outside because it can’t stand up to the moisture and perspiration.  If you know you are working outside in the rain or in winter weather, switch to your wool pair. For hard surfaces, look for socks that add extra padding in the ball or heel.  This helps reduce shock, impact and blisters.  For softer surfaces, you don’t need to worry about the padding.

Always remember, you could have a top of the line boot with advanced stabilizing features and padding, but if you don’t have proper socks to go with your high tech boot, you’re feet aren’t going to be happy.  So now on to the boots.

Carhartt Men’s Full Cushion Steel-toe Synthetic Work Boot Sock

You just can’t put a price tag on comfort.  So many reviewers say this sock literally cradles your feet as it conforms to the foot’s natural shape.  Moisture transferring materials let you stay dry all day.  This sock also has a compression arc that works by offering gradual compression from the top of the sock to the ankle to strengthen veins.  Try this pair for one day and I guarantee you’re feet won’t be the same.  The Thorlo sock line is known for designing comfortable socks that last and for many people this sock is proof.

Carhartt Women’s Heavy Weight Wool Boot Sock with Sweater Top

So here’s a first-rate women’s sock for those frigid winter days when the thermometer is stuck below freezing.  This sock holds in warmth even during the coldest months, but it can be worn all year.  And you don’t have to worry about this sock falling down.  Ever. The reinforced toe and heel stand up to all your hard work.   A fuzzy sweater top makes this sock an adorable part of any female wardrobe.  This sock tends to be on the thicker side, so it’s a good idea to go up a boot size.

Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock

Reviewers agree this brand is top-notch in quality.  Some repeated comments on this steel toe sock touched on its long-lasting durability and luxuriously padded comfort.  One callous-prone reviewer mentioned he didn’t have to worry about cracked skin when he wore these socks.  Made from 44% acrylic and 36% wool, this sock allows for both breathability and warmth during those less than favorable weather conditions.

Wolverine Men’s 2 Pack Steel Toe Midcalf

You want comfort?  This mid-calf steel toe sock has everything from embedded arch support, ribbed top to prevent slipping, and a reinforced toe and heel that is essential for hard surfaces.  You’ll be floating through the clouds when you wear this subtle looking sock.  It’s important to note this that it’s made from 80% cotton so you want to avoid use during cold weather and for those stifling hot days.

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