Work boots have taken a certain change in the last 10-15 years. They are better, more enduring and protect the foot better from all potentially dangerous work place hazards. The best companies in the market tend to use the best making pre-requisites so that their end result serves in the best interest of its users. There are numerous genres of work boots which one can look into. While some are made with durable latex and synthetic materials some tend to the usage of tough and water resistant leather. Some have laces while some are designed in a way which allows users to just put the feet inside and go on with their daily work. However, one thing is for sure, most of the boots, or at least the ones which are made by the top manufacturers in the market, will not disappoint. So on that note, here are some reviews of the top rated work pull on work boots as per the recommendation of the experts and the feedback of numerous workers.

Georgia Men’s Boot Romeo Waterproof Slip-On Work Shoes Steel Toe

This is a very popular brand in the market and countless workers are seen tending to it from both the marketing sectors. There are lots of things to love about this baby. Take its leather for instance- it is made using tough grain leather material and that is what lends that extra bit of durability to this foot gear. The leather is also water proof which is another wonderful feature about this work boot. The boot also incorporates inset elastic gores for slip on ease and convenience. The boot also comprises of a stabilizing steel shank for that extra stability and support to the foot region. Apart from all these, some of its other highlighting points includes its quick drying lining and covered cushioning insole. It gives a bit of extra comfort to the feet while functioning in places which have rough surfaces or rocky paths. The boot in spite of loaded with tons of wonderful features is also quite light in weight- weighing just 5 pounds. This makes way for easy mobility of the feet and also enhanced flexibility which is needed in tough and dicey work places.

The boot also comprises of an adequate padding which accounts for its breathability or air circulation. The foot remains safe and relaxed no matter how much this baby is put through its aces. Its handy pull tabs in the back and frontal portion and its steel toe incorporation are also welcoming features for workers. The toe region is impermeable to nails or other small and sharp objects which can puncture the toes.  The boot is made with state of the art technology and also meets all the necessary standards set by the ASTM in terms of being resistant to electric hazards. Plus they are also resistant to slip, oil, organic fat and enables comfortable walking on any given terrains. So those who are on the look-out for top-notch slip on work boots, this is one which they can definitely give a short at.


  • The boot is made with full grain leather materials
  • It is only 5 pounds in weight
  • The boot is versatile in nature and can be put to use in any given work place
  • It is quite good in terms of its breathability
  • The toe region is well protected owing to its advanced steel toe feature
  • It is slip, oil or for that matter chemical resistant
  • It meets all the important ASTM requirements
  • It is quite cool in its looks department
  • The price of this work boot is also quite manageable.


  • This boot is limited in designs
  • There are some who have said that boot gave them some discomforts in the toe region. But then this is nothing to worry about as with more usage, things will ease out.
  • Some have also complained about its fittings, but then again this is nothing to do with the making and quality of this work boot. If at all, the users should analyses their foot size properly.

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot

The caterpillar is another top notch boot manufacturer and over the years has given people loads of reasons to smile about. This design is also lived up to its expectations effectively. The boot is made with full grain leather components and also comprises of a pull on leather shaft. The leather is water resistant and ad midst all the soggy surfaces will keep the feet nice and dry. It also incorporates a stitched Good year welt for that extra bit of relaxation to the feet. It also has superb steel toe protection for preventing nail or sharp pointy objects from damaging the feet. The boot is also electric hazard resistant as per the ASTM standards and provides excellent traction while walking on slippery surfaces. This boot also comprises of a durable rubber outsole which is also shock or impact resistant and its efficient inner linings makes way for proper air circulation.

The boot is also quite light in the weight department and enables workers the benefit or easy foot movement. The dimension of this work boot is about 12*8*4 inches and is designed to tackle any given work place.


  • This boot is made with full grain tough leather
  • The boot breathability feature is quite impressive
  • The design is quite good
  • It is also quite durable in nature and has the ability to withstand a serious pounding
  • It is also long lasting in nature
  • It is electric hazard resistant as per ASTM standards
  • It is also slip resistant, oil resistant, acid resistant
  • The rubber insole makes way for superb stability and strength to the feet
  • The price is also on manageable terms.


  • This boot has limited design alternatives
  • Some have said that it is not so good in terms of water resistant features, but then that is their personal opinion. Many who have used it or are still using it have in fact praised it
  • There might be some problems in the first usages, but things will gradually fall in place.

Timberland PRO Men’s 47017 Titan HD Wellington Waterproof Safety-Toe Boot

Third in our list of pull on steel toe work boots is this baby right here. This heavy duty foot gear is incorporated with full grain leather having the ability to withstand some serious pounding in hectic places. The upper leather is “ever guard leather” and comprises of an un-beatable Dryz Intellitemp X static. The polyurethane lining helps regulate temperature inside the boot and keeps all the unwanted moisture or sogginess away. Whether working in rainy seasons or a place which is filled with pit holes and mud, this boot will work like a champ. The premium leather will not let even a drop go inside the boot. Apart from these features, the boot also comprises of a tough rubber outsole which provides stability to countering tough walking terrains and its automatic design insole accompanied with steel shank makes way for the much needed support to the foot. The double polyurethane outsole is also oil and abrasion resistant. The fluid channeling treads in the outsole accounts for its adequate contact on the foot and the surface. Plus its unique finger grip style makes way for easy and comfortable functioning.

The dimension of this work boot is 12*9*6 inches and meets up with all the important hazard resistant requirements. Another plus point of this work boot is that it is heat resistant and in spite of how hot the working environment it, its superior inner padding, will keep the feet nice, dry and relaxed all throughout the working hours. It is also very light in weight and proves to one heck of a pull on work boot to have in ones arsenal. A special mentioning has to be given to its steel toe feature which is virtually impenetrable.


  • The boot is of Timberland brand which is one of the most prestigious companies in the world.
  • The leather is highly durable and has the ability to withstand all kinds of work place hazards
  • It is light in weight and makes way for superb foot agility.
  • The polyurethane lining helps regulate temperature inside the boot and keeps all the unwanted moisture away
  • Its double polyurethane outsole is also oil and abrasion resistant
  • The boots unique finger grip style makes way for easy and comfortable functioning
  • Suitable to be worn at all given work places
  • The boot incorporates a classic pull on work boot design
  • It is also very long-lasting
  • The boot is oil and slip resistant
  • The rubber outsole makes way for superb traction even on diciest walking surfaces
  • The price of this boot is also reasonable
  • The boot comprises of a wonderful steel toe composition enabling no harm is caused to the foot at any costs
  • The foot remains dry and relaxed even while working in the hottest of work places.


  • This model has no such alternative options
  • Some have said that the stiches started to fall apart in the first few days of usage, but it all depends on how one has used the boot
  • Usually one may find that some discomforts may occur, but as the leather gets adjusted to the foot structure, it will show off its true colours.

WORX by Red Wing Shoes Men’s 9″ Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Forth in our list of pull on work steel toe boots is this design by WORX. The special features about this work boot is that it comprises of a polyurethane insole and also a detachable foot bed which helps create a wonderful shock absorbing cushioning. This helps keep the feet nice and protected in excellent fashion. The leather which is incorporated into this work boot is full grain leather and for that it is boasted to last for a considerable period of time. Another lovable feature is its Endurance Arrowhead outsole is oil resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, acid resistant, slip resistant and etc. There are no lace complications and users can simply put them on and get on with their tasks. It also has a steel shank cushioning for enhanced stability and a steel toe protection which is ASTM F 2413-05 M I/75 C/75 electric hazard resistant.  The boot also features a double direct attaching welt for added strength and stability.

The dimension of this work boot is 12*8*4 inches and when we speak about its weight, it is just 2 pounds. Its urethane outsole tread makes way for superb traction. It is also very breathable and workers will get a splendid feeling working with these work boots.


  • The Endurance Arrowhead outsole makes it oil resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, acid resistant and slip resistant
  • Its steel shank cushioning for enhanced stability
  • The steel toe protection meets up with all the laid down ASTM F 2413-05 M I/75 C/75 electric hazard resistant standards
  • Its detachable foot bed helps create a wonderful shock absorbing cushioning
  • The leather which is employed for its making it full grain leather material
  • It can last for numerous years
  • It is just 2 pounds in weight
  • The boot is also quite breathable thereby keeping the foot nice and relaxed all day long
  • It comprises of a double direct welt construction


  • There are some people who have shown their disappointment regarding the look of this work boot. However this is nothing to do with its functioning and on that basis there are many who are seen using them quite constantly
  • The boot is also limited in design alternatives
  • The price of this work boot is also very high but that has not affected its popularity one bit. It is still one of the top selling products in the market.

Caterpillar Men’s Edgework Pull-On Waterproof Steel Boot

The last in our list of top notch pull on work boots is this design from Caterpillar. The boot is mad with tough full grain leather and comprises of a water proofing membrane. It is light in weight and provides users ample chance to move their feet. The ERGO comfort system of this work boot enables users ample support to the foot and it is also anatomically adequate for enhanced stability, comfort and flexibility. In sharp contrast to other pull on work boots in the market, this is also quite flat and generic shape, this work boot comprises of a specific contours for utmost support in every step one takes. The boot comprises of a 6 inch shaft which is generously padded for superior support which will last throughout the day. One of the striking features of this work boot is that comprises of a steel toe incorporation which protects the toe region from sharp and puncturable objects. This steel toe feature is certified as per the ASTM standards of being crush resistant and puncture resistant and lends in that extra bit of strength and support. It comprises of about 200 grams of thermal insulation keeping the feet warm in cold and dry places and its dynamic and detachable perforated EVA get technology allows adequate cushioning to work place shocks and impacts. It is also slip resistant, acid resistant, crush resistant, and chemical resistant and makes a pleasant and comfortable walking experience in both rugged as well as slippery surfaces.

Some of the other features of this work boot are that it is extremely breathable and keeps the foot dry and moisture preventive all through-out the working hours. The boot is durable in its built, has a good year welt construction and has the ability to withstand some serious amount of pounding. It also comprises of anti-microbial treatments which keeps all disgusting foot smell from taking surface. Another characteristic which needs mentioning is its PU mold insole and flexion engineered construction to allow users go all out for longer periods. This is why so many people are crazy about this work boot.


  • The leather which is used for its making is full grain leather
  • The leather comprises of water proofing membrane
  • It is extremely durable and has the ability to withstand some serious amount of work place wear and tear
  • The shoe is also light weight meaning that the users would be able to move their feet freely as per the job requirements
  • Its PU mid insole and flexion construction makes users go longer and harder at their tasks
  • The steel toe incorporation is ASTM certified and protects the toe region from all sharp and small penetrable objects
  • This boot is also quite versatile in nature and can be used in any given work place.
  • It is also all weather resistant
  • The boot is tested to be crush resistant, slip resistant, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, acid resistant and also electric hazard resistant.
  • The design is also quite alluring
  • The price is also somewhat within manageable range.


  • There are some who have shown signs of disappointment mainly because there is no alternative design or color option to choose from.
  • Some have also said that they felt some discomforts in the foot in the first day of its usage. However there is nothing to worry as it with more usage and more exposure, the boot will ease out and will work nicely.
  • Some have also said that the price is a bit high, but then they have also said that it is fine considering the kind of features, level or foot protection and durability it provides.

Final verdict:

With these above mentioned work boots, one can simply skip worrying about their feet. These boots are state of the art creations and will definitely prove to be a priceless addition to any individual. They have all the important features incorporated, plus they are also light weight and long-lasting. Lastly all of them are alluring to the eyes. In simple words, these boots are beautiful amalgamation of beauty and efficiency. To know about their prices and remaining set of features, simply click on the hyperlinked names.

Liam Carson

Liam Carson

Liam is a former employee of a popular work boot manufacturer, and has decided to share his unique insight with our readers. He is well informed on the manufacturing process, and knows exactly what it takes to create a durable safety work boot. We look forward to reading his reviews, and his thoughts on the different brands and models. When he is not reviewing different products, you can usually find Liam in his work shop at home.
Liam Carson