Meet Bill.  Bill works for a piano moving company.   Gotta hand it to Bill. He gets paid to lift 1,200 lb pianos that weigh as much as killer whale.  It’s too bad that Bill started realizing a year ago cheap footwear and constant pressure on his feet was a painful combination.  He began having gradual pain that radiated from the middle of his foot.  The pain just got worse if he tried to walk through it.  He also had numbness and tingling in his toes.  Poor Bill had to call off work more than he’d like to admit because of his feet.

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These could all be symptoms of a metatarsal stress fracture that can be caused by repetitive movements and overuse.

So what’s a metatarsal?  Sounds like something a Tyrannosaurus Rex could have munched on for breakfast.

We have three bone segments on our toes.  Starting at the base of the toe is the metatarsal, and then we have the proximal and distal phalanx at the very end.   Metatarsals hold the majority of the weight while we move.  Anyone can injure their metatarsal, especially if someone is physically active or has hammer toes, high arches, bunions, a second toe longer than the first toe, or stress fractures.

Okay.  You have most or all of these symptoms so it’s as clear as tap water you’ve injured your foot.  Now what?  Well if you have pain, swelling, discoloration, or you can’t put any pressure on your injury you should call your doctor.

But don’t even think about stepping into your car to go to the hospital.  Call your roommate, spouse, neighbor, or even your high school sweetheart to take you.  Anyone on the planet is capable of driving you to the hospital but you.  Got it?  If you have more enemies than you can count and no one’s willing to take you to the hospital dial 911 for an ambulance.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve got a family to support and my feet are what provide them bacon and eggs every morning.  I’ll just take it easy for a day or two and my meta-what’s-it will be fine.’”

The truth is if you really do have a metatarsal injury that’s not gonna happen. You’re doctor will prescribe plenty of R &R; sometimes as long as 4-8 weeks worth until that puppy heals.

So what’s someone like Bill have to do to prevent metatarsal injuries?  He needs to wear the right shoes with shock absorption, pronation control, and metatarsal support. This will help take some of the killer whale sized burden off of his feet and reduce pain.  Over the counter arch supports and custom orthotics are designed to help too.

We provided an oustanding list of shoes to make sure your meta-what’s-it won’t be a problem for you.  You’ll easily feel like you’re floating on the clouds with these pleasant cushiony arch-supported boots.

Men’s Iron Age 6″ Black Ground Breaker ST – 12W

These handsome leather mesh safety boots provide a platform inch lift in the heel that offers relief from gait and Achilles tendon problems.  The breathable mesh ensures your feet will be free of infections. These exceptional boots are perfect for industrial work environments.  They’re made from high quality durable leather, and best of all, for all this quality they’re very affordable.  This is a durable, long lasting boot that may just outlive you.

Carolina Boots Men Steel Toe Waterproof Insulated Loggers

This insulated waterproof boot is everything you could ever ask for in a boot.  It’s been tested to hold out against 14,400 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage and is completely waterproof.  The steel shank inside the sole offers matchless arch support and relieving comfort so you can easily stand in these boots all day without a problem.

Wolverine Men’s Mckay Metatarsal Guard Boot

This innovative boot is created with shock absorbing technology.  The cushioned pads in the outsoles are designed to compress a person’s weight with every step. Softened steps will reduce stress and fatigue on your feet so after a hard day at work your feet will definitely thank you. This waterproof boot also offers strong and sturdy toe and metatarsal support without thwarting movement or compromising comfort.

Rhino Men’s 6MS01 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal Leather Work Boot

This boot gets our vote for hazard prevention.  It can be used for all the risky encounters you might face at the workplace.  Chance of heavy objects falling on top of your feet?  Check.  Slippery surfaces? You bet.  Electrical hazards? These boots have that covered too.  A steel toe and slip resistant treading takes care of accidents.  It’s also been tested for electrical hazard safety.  The lush memory foam embedded in this shoe provides a conformed fit and superb arch support.

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Ryan Cooper

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