When it comes to choosing the right pair of work shoes, safety is often put ahead of comfort. Unfortunately this often means that your feet are in misery throughout the long work day. While safety is always important, there are several benefits associated with footwear that fits comfortably. Not only will your mood dramatically improve when your feet aren’t aching all day, you can also experience a decrease in lower back and leg pain.

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One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for comfortable safety shoes is to make sure that your toes are not pressed against the steel toe plate, or other safety features. This problem often affects your big or little toes, and is easily preventable. While many customers may look for shoes that are typically wider, this does not always solve the problem of rubbing. Instead look for safety shoes that are slightly longer, to help keep the plating away from your sensitive toes.

Other features to consider for comfort and safety include cushioning to protect your feet from hard surfaces like concrete, and support for your ankles and arches if necessary. With so many different styles and types of safety shoes, it can be hard to find the most comfortable pair for you. With this in mind, we put together a review of our picks for work shoes that provide both safety and comfort.

The Most Comfortable Safety Shoes

Nautilus Safety Footwear Women’s 1771 Work Shoe

This stylish woman’s safety shoes are constructed from durable leather , and features a non slip rubber sole. The shoes meet all of the government’s safety standards and are designed with a steel toe and a composite toe for additional protection. These safety shoes also feature comfortable cushioning, and the added protection of having zero metal parts on the outside of the shoe which is perfect for working around electrical wires.

Nautilus Safety Footwear Men’s N1704 Composite Toe Sneaker

Constructed from a lightweight and breathable mesh and suede fabric, these safety shoes will help keep your feet cool and comfortable all day. The lightweight design won’t cause leg fatigue, and the composite toe is placed with both protection and comfort in mind. These shoes also meet all of the electrical hazard requirements, and the thick rubber sole protects against impact shock and electrocution. The wider and longer design of the Nautilus safety shoes also gives your toes plenty of room to help prevent cramping and rubbing.

Wolverine Men’s Durant Waterproof Safety Toe Shoe

These men’s protective shoes are waterproof and also breathable with their mesh and leather construction. The thick rubber sole protects you from slips and falls, and also helps to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. The outer sole is scuff resistant, making these are great pair of work shoes for inside, and the cushioned liner can be easily removed when it is not necessary. As one of the leading manufacturers in the country, Wolverine prides itself on durable and comfortable safety shoes.

New Balance Men’s MID627 Steel Toe Work Shoe

Available in different designs, these safety shoes have both comfort and style. Their synthetic construction is durable and the rubber sole provides both support and traction. While the steel toe plating gives your toes all of the protection they need, these shoes also feature the flexibility and support you would expect from footwear from New Balance. These safety shoes are also designed to not produce static, which can be crucial in some work environments. Featuring ABZORB cushioning and plenty of arch support, your feet are sure to be comfortable in these work shoes.

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