The Best Steel Toe Waterproof Slip Resistant Work Boots- Reviewed!

Steel toe boots is something which many workers look forward to. We all know about the fact that dangerous work places comprise of numerous hazards which can cause some serious damage to the foot. One common place is the toe region where such injuries commonly take place. In such situations, steel toe protections prove to be a handy feature to have in a boot.

That brings us to the topic of […]

 Top Five Metatarsal Work Boots- Analysed!

Metatarsal bones extend right down from the ankle to the toes. These are the bones which pose the most probability of getting injured at work places where dangers galore here are there. If a heavy object falls on it, there exists a strong possibility that they might break. There are many workers who focus on steel toe work boots as it protects their toe region. However they do not prove […]

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Top 4 Insulated Waterproof Work Boots

When shopping for the very best insulated, waterproof boots, it is highly imperative that you read all of the information that has been made available to you. You will need to read information that includes product descriptions as well as consumer reviews, in order to gain a clear understanding of the product and how it will benefit you and not waste your hard earned dollars. Moreover, gain a good sense […]

Review on some of the Best Pull on Work Boots for Men

Whenever we talk of pull on work boots, it is a guarantee that one would find countless options in both the genres of the market. However one cannot stick their neck out and say that each and every one of those boot manufacturers is top-notch. There are some who are good, there are some who are average, but there are also some who have made a name which will last […]

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The Best Landscaping Work Boots Reviewed!

Whenever we talk of personal protection gears for landscape contractors, importance is always given first hand to the eyes and ears. Though this is not wrong, there is however one aspect which is constantly neglected and that is the foot region. But as we all know that it shouldn’t be!  Having the proper pair of shoes is always a must, particularly in dicey work places. High quality shoes for landscaping […]

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The 8 Best Steel Toe Boots For Standing

Steel toe boots have been traditionally used in the construction industries and other places that involve standing for long hours. These shoes are extremely durable and have plates in the toe area within the shoe that protects feet from any falling objects or compression. These protective plates are coupled with mid sole plates for protection from any punctures from below. These protective reinforcements were originally made from steel but currently […]

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Best Work Boots Made in USA

The American footwear industry is at the top all over the world, since manufacturing procedure of superior quality boots for both men as well as women is pretty much progressive there. Each producer in the footwear industry of America almost sticks to similar process, but design, material, shape and sizes slightly vary from each other. While these manufacturers create the American boots, the first thing that they do is to […]

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The Best Composite Toe Work Boots to Look At:

Composite toe work boots is something many workers tend to cater to. However it one had to give a specific definition of what they actually mean, there it would be something like this- they are boots which comprises of toe protective gears and at the same time also meet up with the essential ANSI/ASTM requirements. Another difference with steel toe is that composite toe boots usually make use of Kevlar, […]

Top 5 Size 16 Work Boots- Reviews!

There is no scarcity of design when it comes to size 16 work boots. The market has abundance of designs for workers with big feet to tend to. This particular segment of ours will focus on that primarily.
So here are reviews of some of excellent size 16 work boots. They are from the best manufacturers in the market and are stacked with features which will prove to be rather useful […]

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The List of Best Work Boots for Wet or Soggy Working Conditions

For workers who constantly make a living working in construction sites or find themselves trudging through muddy or wet terrains, they just got to have the right pair of work boots. These work boots not just protect the foot from all hazards but also enable one to concentrate more at their task at hand rather than worry about their feet safety. Shoes which are water resistant, is something which most […]

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