If you’re a logger you know you definitely have one of the most dangerous jobs in America.  And hats off to you.  You consistently risk your life in less than friendly weather just so you can contribute to putting food on your family’s dinner table.  But why risk your life?  There are countless other jobs out there.  Maybe you were drawn to the thrill you get harvesting massive old growth forests and scaling colossal trees.  Whatever the reason is, you’d rather be outside than trapped in a chilled air conditioned room.

But don’t think you have to earn your stripes as a logger if you want a pair of logger boots.  If stepping on bumpy and stony terrain is part of your daily work regimen then your best bet is to buy quality logger footwear.  Here are some essential features you need in best logger work boots:

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High Heels

That’s right, heels aren’t just for women.  Logger boots are specially made with a high heel to offer invincible traction and support on rugged surfaces.  A lot of people wonder why such a high heel?  Wouldn’t this make you prone to rolling an ankle? Think about the placement of your feet for a moment.  Imagine you are taking a step onto uneven terrain.  What part of the foot are you stepping with, the toe or the heel?  In this case you normally step with the heel first. But this isn’t usually what happens when walking on smooth surfaces.  This is why you need added height in your heels.

Steel Shank

Another great feature in logger boots are steel shank outsoles.   So what is a shank?  A shank can be found just below the arch of the shoe.  So you probably guessed this flat piece of steel gives additional arch support.  You might also be thinking steel will probably just weigh your boot down.  But because a shank is so thin and flexible this doesn’t happen.  When you walk the shank gives a spring-like momentum that actually protects against jarring objects underneath the boot.

Weatherproof Boots

You will want to make sure your boot is waterproof to prevent against moisture.  The amazing thing about waterproof boots is they allow you to actually stand in five inches of water and stay dry.  For two entire hours.  Just in case that ever happens you’ll be confident that you’ll stay dry.


Insulated boots protect against all weather conditions you might encounter on the job. The best type of insulation you can get for overall insulation is Thinsulate.  Thinsulate isn’t bulky and doesn’t lose insulating ability when wet.  Some people might think of Goretex when they hear the phrase boot insulation.   It’s important to know Goretex is not insulation, it’s just a thin membrane that goes over a boot protecting against water and giving breathability.

Steel Toe Boots

This one is just common sense.  You definitely want to wear steel toe boots when you’re working in the logging industry.  Steel toes are vital for preventing hefty limber from falling on your feet and plus they’ll give 75 pounds worth of protection.

So now on to the boots.   We scoured the web to find the best quality logger boots out there.  Trust me.  When you hear about what these boots can do for you, you’ll drool.  Keep in mind if you are working in the dangerous logging industry you owe it to your safety to find high quality boots.  If your work wreaks havoc on your feet wouldn’t it make sense to make the investment to protect them?

Carolina Mens Plain Toe Work Briar Man-Made Boot

This remarkably rugged shoe is designed for the jack of all trades working guy/gal.  This attractive boot is also very affordable.  And talk about durability.  The leather on this shoe is made from the toughest steers in the U.S.  Thanks to the sturdy Birch Hillbilly Leather you could hit these shoes with an axe and not damage them.  Here’s a shockingly true story about these shoes. One reviewer got his foot stuck under a tire.  Want to know what happened?  Clearly his foot was injured, but guess what happened to the shoes? They were absolutely fine.    PermaFresh Cushioning contours to your feet offering relief from aches and ouches.  And not only are these shoes slip resistant, but they also stand up to chemical and spills, oil and heat without a problem.

Men’s Georgia Waterproof Composite Toe Logger Boots Crazy Horse

This shoe is engineered for unbeatable foot protection.  Feel absolutely safe with the steel toe that guards against 75 lbs of toe-cracking, bone-breaking weight.  But wait, I didn’t even mention the 400 grams of Thinsulate and Goretex membranes that fights against moisture.  Compression-molded EVA midsoles and full cushion footbeds feel wonderful and completely conform to your feet.  One reviewer had a problem taking them off they fit so good!  Vibram rubber lug outsoles provide enhanced traction from the unstable ground or spills and a double ribbed steel shank provides excellent support for those arches.

Chippewa Men’s 25405 9″ Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

The Chip-A-Tex Waterproof Bootie and the Ruby Dri Lex 2000 lining ensures any and all moisture will stay away from feet, whether that moisture is caused by a sub zero temperatures or torrential downpours.  Another great feature of Chippewa boots is they aren’t glued.  They’re stitched.  This guarantees these boots will not only outlast competitors, but they could outlive your grandkids someday.  Reviewers agree this boot is at the top of the list for durability.  And if you’re looking for comfort then look no further.  One reviewer claims this shoe is more comfortable than sneakers.

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