Some jobs seem to require that you stay on your feet all day. Whether you are walking the concrete aisles of a machine shop, or trudging through the mud at a construction site all of the walking can be hard on your feet and your legs. While you may find it necessary to wear safety boots at work, this does not mean that you have to suffer from leg fatigue or an aching back.

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One of the most common complaints from men regarding their work boots is that they are inflexible and heavy. The extra weight of the shoes puts added pressure on the lower legs, which can also result in back aches. While you still want to be able to protect your feet from injury, you also want to be able to walk comfortably all day. Whether you need steel toe plating to protect your toes, or thick rubber soles for traction and safety we have found the best lightweight work boots.

These boots are durable and comfortable, and are designed with different safety features. One thing that all of these boots have in common, is that they are lightweight and easy to walk in. No matter what kind of ground you have to cover in your daily job, these work boots can help you get there with experiencing leg fatigue or lower back pain.

The Best Lightweight Work Boots

Wolverine Men’s W08288 Boot

These lightweight all leather work boots feature removable padding and a wedged shaped heel for added lift and traction on slick concrete floors. The thick rubber sole can protect the bottoms of your feet from sharp objects, and is still light enough to not cause leg fatigue. In addition, the rounded toe design gives your feet plenty of room, without danger of rubbing on the optional steel plating. These lightweight boots wear only 2 lbs. at shipping.

Timberland PRO Men’s Soft Toe Boot

Constructed from soft, durable leather for a minimal break in time, and featuring a lightweight and comfortable design these work boots also include electric hazard protection. The mid sole cushioning is made from polyurethane which makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable. The rubber sole helps keep you grounded while still providing you with plenty of traction for any type of surface. With each boot weighing only 26oz. they are one of the most comfortable and lightweight pair of work boots on the market.

Rocky Men’s C4T Work Boot

Lightweight and durable, these boots from Rocky are ideal for groundskeepers or anyone whose job includes hiking outdoor trails. The boot’s lightweight design prevents leg fatigue and back aches from walking, and the manmade rubber sole gives you all of the traction you need to cross difficult terrain. Survey large tracts of land without experiencing any foot pain, or walk the hilly trails of an undeveloped construction site. The 8” shaft will give your ankles the added support they need to safely go anywhere. These lightweight work boots weigh only 2lbs during shipping.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Waterproof and durable, these lightweight ankle boots are designed to go almost anywhere. Constructed of soft leather and with a thick rubber sole, you’ll have the stability and traction to cover slick concrete surfaces, and climb over muddy terrain. The work boots also feature a d ring design for quick lace ups, and the EVA cushioned midsole works to keep your feet comfortable all day. Also featured are a padded ankle collar for additional support and to help keep irritating dust debris from getting inside of the shoes. Shipping weight is also 2 lbs on the work boots.

Carhartt Men’s CMH4375 Composite Toe Hikier Boot

These waterproof nylon and leather shoe is lightweight enough for hiking and jogging, but gives you all of the protection of a work boot. The composite toe helps to protect your feet from falling or protruding objects, while the rubber sole gives you plenty of stability and traction. Weighing only 25 oz a piece, they are also chemical, oil, and slip resistant. While they made have been originally designed for hikers, these tough work boots are also ideal for machine shops and factories. They also feature Carhatt’s mid sole cushioning to give you added shock protection which is perfect for when you are on concrete floors.

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